Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insurance Companies – The Mafia Under The Radar

I have a major problem with insurance companies in this country. It doesn’t matter what kind of insurance they all have a major racket going on.

$250000 dollar "dog insurance policy" is hardly sufficient

Gifts Help Boy on Mend from Pit Bull Attack To help regulate dangerous breeds such as pit bulls and rottweilers, communities are enacting laws that require $250000 dog insurance policies for these dogs.

Motorbike Insurance costs to rise??

A short while ago we published an article saying that bike insurance costs had plummeted by as much as 18% year on year in certain profiles of the market.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Importance of Life Insurance

One of the safest and the easiest way of securing your life and your family’s life is with the help of the health insurance policies and the life insurance policies.

Buying Life Insurance Online

No matter what the big insurance companies might tell you, buying life insurance (especially Term Life) is not complicated, and does not require supporting the agent through large, cushy commission payments.

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How Your Insurance Rates And Premiums Affect Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance rates are used to determine the premium that you will pay for any insurance cover. Bear in mind that the premium is not the only fctor you need to evaluate when considering an insurance policy.